Thursday, January 4, 2024

Cooking With George

This is a Triple J (Radio Station) 5 EP box compilation of Aussie bands from 1984. It plays at 45 rpm. Festival records and ABC (Aust Broadcasting Corp). Bands featured are: Shower Scene From Psycho, Skel=E-Tones, Huxton Creepers, Dance Theatre, Great Outdoors, Poles Apart, The Seamonsters, I'm Talking, Flotsam Jetsam, Shake 288 and I.T. The last band interests me most and I should do a separate post for them (stay tuned). I have called this 'Vol 1' but that was never it's title. Just Cooking With George. As time went on .....

.... we then saw the second volume appear. Titled 'Mark Two'. It came in a plastic film type cannister. Now - I actually have this BUT at this stage, can't be bothered converting. So if someone has the mp3s, please make contact. 

Download 'Mark Two' (when available).

I'm counting on this guys - over to you ....

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