Thursday, November 29, 2018

Southern Lightning - Down The Road

Aussie blues done damn good.  Released in 1986.  Can't get enough of this.

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Southern Lightning - Self Titled

Second (and last) self titled album from 1987.

They also put out two singles but all tracks are contained within these 2 LP's.

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Friday, November 16, 2018

The Apartments - Initials PMW (Live At The Junk Bar) EP

Recorded about 11th of October 2015 in Ashgrove (Brisbane, QLD).  The Junk Bar is a converted shop which one could now call 'very intimate'.  As in, Tiny.  About the size of your living room, it offers standing room only but wow - what a venue to hear someone like Peter Milton-Walsh (aka The Apartments) play material from his last album 'No Spell, No Song, No Madrigal'.  One of the great Aussie albums of all time (BTW).

This EP is special for me - I recall the gig with such fond memories.  Thank you PMW.

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