Thursday, June 30, 2022

Blue Grassy Knoll - Sherlock Jr

Another filmscore. Released in 1997 (WOT031). Second album, this time music that sits alongside the silent movie 'Sherlock Jr'.

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Blue Grassy Knoll - Our Hospitality

Subtitled 'A Filmscore', from 1996. Way Over There's 24th release (WOT024). This eclectic band specialised in accompanying silent films with their music. Always live and with a screening of the movie at the same time.

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Blue Grassy Knoll - Thomas Murphy's Stag Party

Last album, released in 1998 (WOT038). I actually don't know if this is also a filmscore - I bought the album being unaware one way or the other if that was the case. 

It's a real pity these guys called it quits - I thoroughly enjoyed this band. Lotsa fun live. Suitably eclectic. Nothing like it really treads the boards.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Circushead - Too Many Good Days Can Leave You Stuck To The Ceiling

First album. Way Over There records (WOT015) released in 1995. Crazy stuff, but very enjoyable. Goddamn, WOT put out some good stuff. Pity they couldn't keep going but that seems to be the fate of so many indie labels. More the pity.

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Circushead - Crockery Smashing

Second and last album from these guys (WOT033). Released in 1998. No more releases. No Singles. No EP's. No songs on split albums etc. That's all folks.

The download for this is not yet ready. Won't be far away. It's just that I wanted all their stuff to be together on this blog entry.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Sickbay (aka Sick Bay) - Lyssophobe

Another Way Over There (WOT009) release (1995). Now, is it 'Sickbay' or 'Sick Bay'? Uhm, dunno. However, we can lock in the album title (Lyssophobia is a fear of going insane .... !!). Featured artists are Wally Gunn, Kirsty Stegwazi, Drew Caldwell & Nick Livingston. Very much an indie band - as are all the WOT artists - but we hear a slight hint of jazz in this. Perhaps.

They also put out a cassette with single tracks by FIMO & Increase The Dosage (three tracks in all, titled 'The Pop Up Karma Sutra Tour'). It's not on WOT and I certainly don't have it. Have looked - but, no. So if you have a copy, perhaps an email or add to the comments section would be much appreciated by all.

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Monday, June 27, 2022

Little General - Self Titled (2000)

Little General are another WOT band (WOT048). Two albums released with a very distinct sound. First album is from 2000. They also put out an EP (which I don't have). It's titled 'Little General v Hand-Eye Coordination'. Because it was not released on the WOT label, I simply did not buy it at the time. If you can help out with this - I would be most grateful. The cover is shown on the right (second image).

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Little General - Self Titled (2002)

For all I know, their second release may be called something else. But, to me, it's again a self titled album with the only distinction being the release date (2002). Two years after the previous. Not on the WOT label.

Also - Discogs lists an EP. Again, it's 'Self Titled'! Released in 1999 (the cover is shown on the right, second image). Four Tracks. Do you have this? If so, can you please email or add a note in the comments section.

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Breather Hole, The Ergot Derivative & The Inked Factor - The Elastic Tea Party

And here the story starts. Three bands begin the journey, strutting their wares together on a single album. Released in 1992 on the Discordia label. Breather Hole went on to bigger and better things - you will see their releases blogged in this entry. The Ergot Derivative is still to be blogged but I do not have anything from The Inked Factor (I think they put out an album 'Soup Du Jour' in 2020).

Now, I cannot give you a download of this compilation - do not have. If you can help out, please email or leave a note in the comments section.

Breather Hole - Scrape The Bottom Of The Barrel And That's Where You'll Find Us

Unfortunately I do not have this 2CD release with 36 tracks (WOT014). I also do not know when it came out. Lots of unknowns here. Lots of disappointment. 

Anyway, if you have this - can we please get the mp3 files. It would be much appreciated.

Breather Hole - The Excavator EP

First ever release on Way Over There label (WOT001). Released in 1992.

Richard Moffat seems to be the main player in this indie band. A multi-instrumentalist and singer, he was also in Disaster Plan and At Sea. Other members (Michael Ruff, Drew Caldwell & Brian May) also did time in Disaster Plan. 

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Breather Hole - It's Ugly EP

This EP came out in 1993 (or 94). The insert seems to indicate the former (WOT004).

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Breather Hole - Anyone For Haggis EP

Probably not all that tempting. Haggis that is. This may have been released about 1994 or 95 (WOT002).

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Breather Hole - About 8 Tentacles EP

The last of their EP's. Released in 1994 or 95. Can't see a date on the sleeve but the band states that it came after all their other EP's (WOT005).

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Breather Hole - Void If Removed aka Schwa Schwa Schwa + Lament in Cement EP

Finally, we get an album proper. The cover features 'scratchies' for each song (and title). The 'Void If Removed' scratchie reveals the album title 'Schwa Schwa Schwa'. Most seem to call this 'Void If Removed' (WOT007).

Also contained here is the giveaway EP 'Lament In Cement' (last 4 songs) from 1992. The cover is sandpaper and was given away at gigs.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Toxic Shock - Self Titled (aka Intoxicated) 7''

1981 release, sometimes called 'Intoxicated'. Kinda famous for having a younger Fran Kelly in this all-girl band. She now is a 'famous' TV presenter in Australia (ABC TV). Very much underrated band - this single is now very hard to find and sells for silly $$$. It was their only release.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

V Capri - In My World

One and only 1986 LP for this Perth Synth-Pop band. It contains quite a few bonus tracks from their singles. Actually, they put out 7 singles. Yup, that's 7. This download is not complete - but I'd say close enuff. I enjoy my Perth pop.

As a bonus, I have also included the cassette version of their last 1988 release - the song 'Now I Know'.

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Monday, June 13, 2022

The Gostarts - Self Titled Cassette

Dom Mariani's first band prior to The Stems, Someloves, DM3, Dominicks, Datura4 and Summer Suns. Released this 1983 cassette with very little fanfare. Greg Hitchcock was also in the band prior to The Kryptonics, Datura4, Neptunes, Stonefish, You Am I, Monarchs, Bamboos and Deerhunters - phew. I guess you could call this Year Zero. Velo Zupanovich and Rob Scorer were also in the band. Velo was in The Stonefish and Palisades while Rob ended up in DM3, The Someloves and in Dom Mariani's Majestic Kelp. Really - despite the band breaking up early in the piece - they drifted together over time, on and off. 

You won't find too much written about this release, nor will you be able to get your hands on an original copy. Dom rarely even mentions it's existence. It's rarer than rocking horse shit. Anyway - Enjoy.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Vultees - Heaven 7''

Waterfront Records were one of my goto labels in the 80's. Based is Sydney, they sure as hell put out some great stuff. This 1986 release from the Vultees is no exception. 

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Vultees - Kick It Out 7''

Second and last release (1987). Nothing more to see. This is it. No CD compilation. No nuthin'. Absolute shame. Really wish there was something else out there to give this great Aussie band some deserved kudos.

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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Way Over There Records Compilation

This is a compilation of artists on Way Over There records. The label existed in the 90's - mainly based in Melbourne. As far as compilations go, this is a ripper. Given away free if you bought a WOT CD. Every track makes you want to go out and buy the individual releases. And, I did. 

Really, I should blog more of their stuff.

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Monday, June 6, 2022

P. Harness - Tuff EP

Really a mini or 'kinda' or 'just about' LP. Released in 1995. Man O Man, did I work hard to get this. Rarer than rocking horse shit. It's worth the chase.

They seemed to break every rule in the book, without even trying. One description I have read is that they were "enamoured with Dada and Surrealism, epic poetry and absurdist theatre as well as music as diverse as the Ramones, Iggy Pop, Nina Simone and Dean Martin". That about hits the mark. Members were Geoff Hinchcliffe, Gavin Friday, Anna and Mikel 'Mikelangelo' Simic. 

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P. Harness - Action

Action is spelt '@ction' and sub-titled (I think) as a 'CD Board Game'. Apparently interactive. I think it came out somewhere around 1995. Very hard getting exact details. The band hail from Canberra and bill themselves as a 'wild performance band'. Sounds about right.

Released on the independent label WOT (Way Over There) from Melbourne, the game comes in a rather large cardboard box. Obviously sales were low and that may have been in part due to postage costs. Inside is a dice, coloured counters (for six people), 16 jigsaw pieces to make up the board, mystery cards (similar to Monopoly), a CD, Booklet (scans included in the download) and a WOT info card. Amazing. 

P. Harness (with a dot after the 'P') were previously known as Prik Harness and they dissolved after this release. Mikel Simic (aka Mikelangelo) was the driving force, morphing into Mikelangelo & The Black Sea Gentlemen or Mikelangelo & The Tin Star. I have seen these bands on many occasions and always enjoyed their performances. CD's are out and about - worth chasing down.

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Saturday, June 4, 2022

T-Bones - Greatest Hits

I'm going to put money on the fact that MANY people have never heard of this Aussie band. Very hard to get hold of their stuff. This appeared in 1991 (recorded 1989-91) with a rock/punk/pop sound. Only on CD. Since then, they have released sporadically - with a country-rock sound - but sales are minimal. So is promotion. All the best if you want to chase their releases down or even get info.

Members were Andrew Pupillo (Voc & Guitar), Rob Lastdrager (Voc & Drums), Charlie Wilde (Guitar) & Helen Cattanach (Bass). Julien Poulson chipped in with guitar on one track with Mark Smith & Nigel Derricks producing. It came out on Fat Buddha Records.

Anyway, this is the album that is well worth a listen. If you are impressed - next move would probably be to get a copy then chase down their later releases - Ha Ha, knock yourself out.

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