Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Spliffs - House of Seven

Pop heaven.  The Spliffs originated in Townsville (North Queensland) in the early 80's.  They put out a single ('You Know What They'll Say') then this album.  Both releases have been blogged here - they're classics.  It's something I've been dying to do for ages - the reason for this will be obvious when you sink your ears into the delights within.  Why was this band not the biggest thing on the planet?  There hasn't even been a ceedee release - unbelievable!  Another  three singles were released to back up the LP (they contained A sides from the album) but these are not included.

By the way, here is the actual house on the LP cover (2/3 Wickham St, Townsville).  Magnificent building - many thanks to the reference for this (see comments section).

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mississippi - Self Titled EP

Perfect harmonising was the order of the day for this band.  They had a big-ish hit with the song 'Kings Of The World' and it certainly caught my ear in the early 70's.  The main members (Graeham Goble, Beeb Birtles & Kerryn Tolhurst) are something of an institution in Australia and as time went by they morphed into the Little River Band after enlisting Glen Shorrock (from The Twilights).  Pedigree galore here.  My advice however is to forget about the rest and grab this just for 'Kings Of The World'.

You can also get their self titled album here.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Distractions - Nobodys Perfect

Pop perfection.  Often cited as one of the GREAT lost classics, the Distractions certainly hit a winning formula with this.  Elvis Costello eat your heat out!! Don't think it's ever surfaced on ceedee but they did re-form in 2012 and released an album that was head 'n shoulders above most.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Interview - Snakes and Lovers

Second (and last) album from these popsters.  Possibly not as good as their first but now that you've had a taste (and the singers voice has you hooked) well, here's more.  Much harder to get (-ie- impossible) so it would be criminal to keep this LP locked away.  Would love to see a double CD re-ish someday.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Interview - Big Oceans

You can't help but have a soft spot for this band.  Totally naff name, bland cover and no airplay - a ruthless combination that ensures life begins in the second hand 'el cheapo' bin.  The first thing that grabs you is the singers voice - very different.  The closest reference point could be that of Pavlov's Dog (the band).  Anyway, give this unusual bunch of popsters a good listen - you won't be disappointed.

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Bobby & Laurie - Hitch Hiker (1966)

Killer album.  Full stop (despite the goofy cover).  This Aussie band were unfairly ignored in the late 60's and have remained so ever since.  Why aren't the multitude talking about this with a full CD re-mastered release?  Damn unfair.  So, all we can settle for (eternally) is my scrubby LP conversion.  Better than nothing despite the sound of cooking bacon.  This is a classic - it still shines.

Check out Jump Back, an excellent compilation LP.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Little Heroes - Self Titled

Got a real soft spot for these Aussie popsters.  They had a big hit with the song 'One Perfect Day' (not included here) but it's their first album (along with the single 'For A Bleeding Heart') that tickled my ear lobes.  It seems that their three albums have been eradicated from history ... not fair!  Check out this release, then chase up the others.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Sidewinders - Witchdoctor

Why did these guys not make it big??  They put out three albums (this was the first) then called it a day.  The Sand Rubies followed with a horde of killer releases ... but, same result.  Rich Hopkins kicked on (with The Luminarios and solo) and still does his stuff.  One of my fave alt country artists of all time.  Talk about cult status.  They tear into one of the best cover versions of all time ... Solitary Man (Neil Diamond).  Worth getting just for this.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Mad Turks From Istanbul - Cafe Istanbul

Always played this cassette in the car and was surprised to later find it in LP form.  Further down the track saw it as a CD.  Wow,  This was probably released when this Adelaide band achieved some success with their second LP 'Toast' as The Mad Turks.  After that they folded and formed the Ice Cream Hands.  A lot of interest and a bunch albums then the inevitable happened - disintegration.  Charles Jenkins has soldiered on (with 'The Zhivago's' and solo) to put out some really solid releases ... but it's this album that is a lost gem.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Secrets* - Self Titled

Boy oh boy ... talk about a secret.  This band has certainly excelled in being one of the most secretive bands of all time.  Is that a new form of self promotion?  Either way - what we have here is an absolute classic.  The name is a bit weird.  No 'The' at the beginning and they tacked on an asterix (*) at the end.  That's an even more over the top attempt at obscurity.  But don't let this fool you - many pundits place this US release in their all time top 20 list of pop releases ... you will probably do the same *.

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Like this, have a listen to The Secrets 'Success Without College'. They're not the same band (I thought they were at first) - equally as good.  Must be something about the band name.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Clergy - Glow (Cassette)

This is a unique release from what has become one of Australia's most unique bands.  They have since gone on to become Halfway and have achieved considerable success.  BUT, (in the early days) they were The Clergy from Rockhampton (Central Queensland).  This cassette made it's way into the hands of a few people and has become forgotten by all (possibly even the band).  It's pure pop and certainly has that 'whammo' factor.  Cherie Busby (lead singer) unfortunately died in a car accident but some of the band members re-convened in Brisbane and formed St Jude (releasing 3 excellent EP's).  They then saw the light with the Alt Country sound that we now thankfully hear in Halfway.  Great band - one of my all-time faves.

Their two singles are also included here for a download:
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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Illusions - Mirror Image LP (+ Empire Builder EP)

This is a biggie.  VERY hard to get (only 200 LP's were pressed) and most probably ended up in the local dump.  OK - it's hard to get, but is it worth it?  Yew betcha.  This is an absolute pop gem.  The wait has been worth it teamsters - feast your ears on this forgotten Aussie classic.  The EP that followed has also been included ('Empire Builder').

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Polyrock - Above The Fruited Plain EP (+ No Love Lost)

As promised (finally) the last output from this band.  Only an EP but we have to make do.  As a bonus, their cassette release 'No Love Lost' is also included.  This should give you the complete Polyrock discography.  Not a bad deal folks.  One of these days they may remaster all their stuff and stick it into a glorious box set.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Playground - Surreal

A sadly neglected Aussie psych band.   Have not seen this CD floating around for sometime - can therefore assume it may be sadly lost to time.  The name is hard to search for and ... well, it just does'nt seem to exist anymore.  That's a real pity, as few bands can aspire to record such a great collection of songs.

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