Saturday, January 27, 2018

Bent Records Discography (Brisbane)

Bent Records released albums from Brisbane/Queensland bands in the 80's.  Although short lived, their output captured a sound that was not all that different from the much revered Go-Betweens.  The output from this independent label is listed below and the download link compiles all the music plus album covers.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Supernaut - Self Titled

Supernaut crashed onto the Aussie scene around 1975/76.  It was really on the basis of relentless touring, talent and the single "I Like It Both Ways".  They transitioned pub rock and punk.  I guess they were like Hush, AC/DC, The Angels and Midnight Oil.  Their first (and only album from that bandname) is included here for downloading.  You will also see all their singles.  Of special note is "Lick My Lolly" (contained as a B-side on "Too Hot To Touch").  Well done lads.

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Download the following singles:
"I Like It Both Ways"
"Let's Spend The Night Together"
"Too Hot To Touch"
"The Kids Are Out Tonight"
"Young & Innocent"

That's pretty much their entire output.  They then morphed into The Nauts ........

The Nauts - Self Titled

... with The Nauts, came this little gem.  Wow.  Great pop/rock.  Impossible to dislike.  They also released 2 singles, included here for your listening pleasure.

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Download the following singles:
"Black Market World"

Why has there never been a re-release of all their output?  "Black Market World" is an absolute killer track.  OK, onto the next stage: This Is This .....

This Is This - Time 7''

with the demise of The Nauts, the Burnham brothers started up this band ... but only produced one single.  Bummer.  I can't find any information on the other band members (nor mention of this single) and whatever happened next.  I think one of the brothers joined The Saints for a bit (perhaps both) but anything else lives in a black hole.

I'm sure there are people out there who can help with regard to further information.  Hopefully we can add to this story .....

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