Monday, September 5, 2016

Honolulu Mountain Daffodils - Guitars Of The Oceanic Underground

This was released in 1987 and instantly grabbed my ears.  It's good, very good.  Very weird band setup (all band members are now dead) but boy oh boy, their output is pretty darn good.

This band/album is also featured in my Mr Weird and Wacky blog.  Knock on that door teamsters.

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fielding & Dyer - The Whale 7''

Infectious folk tune from 1972 - you won't get this out of your head.  Thank goodness for Spin records (they also introduced us to the Bee Gees).

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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah - Lake Shore Drive

Much lauded but rarely seen/heard album by this bare chested trio.  Sounds very similar to America (the band) - you could call it soft rock. 

More astute music luminaries noted that 'Lake  Shore Drive' (a road in Chicago) is essentially the acronym LSD.  It's even highlighted such on the LP cover.

Have a listen - well worth your time.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Self Titled

This compilation is a handy little addition to your Jo Jo Zep collection.  Put out by the UK label Rockgurgh Records in 1979, it grabs songs from the 'So Young' EP, 'Don't Waste It' LP & 'Whip It Out' LP.  There are many places to begin your journey with Jo Jo, this is a fave of mine. 

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Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Whip It Out

An earlier album from 1977.  It's hard to not like Jo Jo Zep & Co.  They've done all the hard yards by now - playing live every night of the week in pubs and clubs.  With this album, they commit to vinyl and get the ball rolling.  Things later started to happen (particularly with 'Screaming Targets') but here's a good place to begin the journey.

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Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Ricochet

Jump forward now to 2003 and soak in all the charm that the Falcons can muster.  Neglected album well worth a listen.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bobby & Laurie - Exposiac

The third and last album recorded in 1967.  After this they split - what a pity.  Great band but this album doesn't match up to their best ('Hitchhiker') nor their first self titled album.  Still, much better than most of the stuff out there.

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