Tuesday, October 30, 2018

As Clear As Day - Some Excited Feeling 7''

Aussie popsters with their one and only 1984 release on Rampant Records.  Sorry, don't know much more about this band - except that the music is very darn good.

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Odolites - Chimes 7''

Not many bands come out of Tasmania, but when they do ...

Bought this when it came out in 1986 mainly because it featured Rickenbacker guitar.  There's a rule relating to this instrument - just buy it.  No regrets, pure pop.  I was hooked.

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The Odolites - Persistence Of Memory EP

Much heralded 1986 EP (mini-LP).  Probably the favourite release for many of this band.  EP's have that purity - compact with no filler.  Infectious.

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The Odolites - Kathleen's Tantrum 7''

Final single (1987), to accompany their LP.  Missing the B-Side track 'Call It What You May'.  Desperate for someone out there to help out - please.

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The Odolites - Face Down In The Violets

One and only album from 1987.  A few weeks after it's release, the band called it quits.  'Beaten  Into Submission' may have been a better title.

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Saturday, October 27, 2018

The Spliffs - You Know What They'll Say 7''

This was the first single from one of my all time fave bands.  Released in 1986, this Townsville band had the knack to produce pop gems.  Their one and only LP ('House Of Seven') is also to be found on this blogsite.

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The Spliffs - Never Say Goodbye 7''

Second single to accompany 'House Of Seven'.  Released in 1987.

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The Spliffs - Merry-Go-Round 7''

Another release from 1987.  Again, this accompanies the LP.

C'mon world - get on board.

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The Spliffs - Sixteen 7''

Last effort (1988).  It's a great track but I cannot include track 2 (Side B - 'Survival Road').  Can anyone out there help out?

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Quasar - Nebular Trajectory

Quasar were a unique Aussie (Brisbane) jazz/prog fusion band from the mid to late 70's.  Two brothers were the mainstay (Barry & Trevor Tiplady) on bass and drums, with Len Henderson on guitar.  Yup - just a 3 piece.  There were only 500 of these released in 1979 on ACR records.  Quite complicated (hey, it's jazz) and not an easy listen.  All instrumental with tinges of King Crimson - this is for those that enjoy the experimental.  Prepare yourself. 

Their second album ('Man Coda') is also found here.

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Monday, October 1, 2018

The Kevins - Club Of Rome

Mini LP from Ausie popsters released in 1982.  They never released a 'full' LP and more the pity.  Can't help but admire those bands incorporating a brass section.