Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Equal Local - Madagascar 12'' EP

First release from this Aussie band. I got into them at first as Dean Richards was one of the movers and shakers. He started off in Whirlywirld (search this site for their releases). The sound is a mish mash of pop, funk and jazz. Infectious.

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Equal Local - 12 Ways To Go EP

The last hurrah. 1982. Never released an LP which was a major disappointment for me at the time BUT they did put out a full cassette in the same year titled 'How Did We Miss These?' That would probably be an easy question to answer. However - I don't have it. Can anyone out there help will the audio tracks for this. Please drop me an email or add to the comments section.

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Friday, April 22, 2022

The Innocents (and Beathoven) - No Hit Wonders From Down-Under

Sublime pop from downunda (Tasmania specifically). I recall seeing them on Countdown performing 'Sooner or Later'. Perfect pop. Kim Fowley also saw them and promised a deal. Off they flew to the US but - there was no deal. Kimberley was up to his usual trips so they limped back to Aus and struggled to make any headway. So, that was that. They called it quits. What you hear here is a 2CD compilation from that time. It includes their pre-Innocents days as Beathoven.

Fortunately, they kicked on again in 2006 - releasing 'Pop Factory'. Sunk without a trace .... unbelievable! After that 'Teardrop Kiss' (201)8. It was my pick of best album from that year. No one came close. You really must listen to these guys. Downloads are on this blogsite.  


The Innocents - Pop Factory

Second album. Released in 2006. No one bought it or probably have even heard of it. Sunk without a trace. I dare you to find a copy. My recollection is that it never came out on LP (only CD). Stand to be corrected on that.

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The Innocents - Teardrop Kiss

2018 release. My No 1 album of that year. It really is that good.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Oceanography - 13 Songs About Driving Nowhere in Alphabetical Order

Only just out (2021). Boy oh Boy - this is great. One of those releases that grabs you then kebang. My measure of greatness is very simple - you just keep playing it, tell everyone and blog. That's what's happening here.

This is actually the second album (the first being 'Collier Canyon') and was recorded mostly live. I like that. The sound is full and you'll probably hear influences from My Morning Jacket, The Shins, The National, The War on Drugs, The Cars, Destroyer, Echo & The Bunnymen, Spoon and Pavement. I can hear all of these artists in Oceanography. There are notable muso's lending a hand: Scott Barwick (Jonathan Richman), Peter Labberton (Parquet Courts, St Vincent), Bevan Herbekian (Teenager, Colors) and Kirt Lind (Donald Beaman). However, the mainstay is Brian Kelly. He basically is Oceanography so what you hear is one single 'feel ' to the albums. It's not all over the shop and meshes together.

I have not included any downloads but a link to the excellent website. There you will find songs to listen to and shop. 


Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Eyes - Tube Vision

Never stopped playing this back in the day (1980). Best summed up as a classic Aussie New Wave/Pop album. Catchy. Infectious.

Released on Ata Records - a long standing record label responsible for Col Joye, Sandy Scott, Andy Gibb, Little Pattie, Smokey Dawson etc. About as Aussie as it gets but this is an oddity in their repertoire.

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