Monday, March 9, 2020

Waves (An Anthology Of New Music)

Unique collection of music. Well worth adding to your collection. Tracks by The Lonely Boys, Toy Love, The Toasters, Martians, The Last, Invaders etc.

Download Vol 1 (1979)

Download Vol 2 (1980)

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The Particles - Colour In 7''

Probably more of a pop sound to be heard here. Female vocals with a healthy smattering of trumpet. Reminds me a lot of Pel Mel ('No Word From China') and even the B-52's. The Particles released 3 EP's/Singles - this one came out in 1980.

The two lead players (Peter & Astrid) experimented with drum machines, tape machines, brass instruments and keyboard sounds. There always seemed to be a pop sound to their recordings. Not easy to do.

Download Single

The Particles - Advanced Colouring 7''

1981 and we cheer that The Particles have released a second single. Almost a rarity. Rocking horse shit. But, it happened.

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The Particles - I Luv Trumpet 7''

Last release (1983) for these experimental pop delights.

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