Saturday, May 19, 2018

Andrew Duffield - Ten Happy Fingers

Andrew played keyboards with Whirlywirld and The Models.  This is his only album/release.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wild West - Beat the Drought 7''

Phil Turnbull & Co gave us this little gem in 1981.  Call it post-punk, pop-art, avant-garde, experimental - heck, just call it Wild West.  It's certainly has an electronic/synth base and is very melodic.  Therefore: Pop (I guess).

Phil was also involved with No Night Sweats and Voigt 465 (to name a few) but the impact of this form of music is still only just being realised (perhaps). I can strongly recommend the Wild West CD compilation ('Scratch Another Day Selected Recordings 1980-81') from Bandcamp and a sensational box set of Aussie Electronic/experimental music from this period called 'Magnetophonics - Australian Underground Music 1978-84'. 

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Tyrnaround - Go Back

This is a collection of 'all' of Tyrnaround's music, released in 1992.  Tyrnaround were a pop, psych band and they released the following:

  • Colour Your Mind EP (1986)
  • Want Of A Rhyme/Hello & Goodbye 7'' (1987)
  • Succeeds When Daylight Fails LP (1989)
  • Uncle Sydney 7'' (1990)

The tracks from all these releases are contained on this compilation - with the exception of the song 'Suicidal Flowers' (from Colour Your Mind).  This track was strangely left off.  Why?  Well, maybe the title didn't fare well over time, or the CD compilation could only take 19 songs (time wise, without losing quality).  Either way, I have included this as the last track.

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