Monday, January 18, 2021

Pelaco Bros - The Notorious Pelaco Bros EP and Lost Demos (with extra tracks)

Released in 1976 on Ralph Records and features Stephen Cummings, Jo Camileri, Ed Bates, Johnny Topper, Carl Wolfe & Peter Lillee. Bit of a who's-who of the Melbourne scene in the mid-70's (Rock n' Roll + Rockabilly = Essential Listening).

Extra tracks from 'Inner Sanctum' and 'The Auto Drifters and The Relaxed Mechanics meet the Fabulous Nudes and Pelaco Bros' Compilation are included with this EP download. On top of that, you can also get 'The Lost Demos' from The Pelaco Bros.  

Download EP (with extra tracks)

Download 'The Lost Demos' 


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