Monday, September 14, 2020

Mark Gillespie - Flame

Rarely heard album from Mark Gillespie, released in 1992. His first two albums are highly regarded ('Only Human' 1980 & 'Sweet Nothing' 1981 - both re-issued) and the third ('Ring Of Truth' 1983) fell upon deaf ears. Mark then left Australia to work in Bangladesh and set up a child orphanage. He released this gem during this time and then silence (musically). No doubt he had bigger fish to fry with his new life in Bangladesh - I get that.

It would be a pity though if this album continued to be unheard.

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

The Benders - False Laughter

Sydney jazz band BUT not the same as The Benders previously blogged.

Chris Abrahams, Jason Morphett, Lloyd Swanton and Andrew Gander were part of this collective. All highly regarded muso's. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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The Benders - Distance

Last album (1985) - next stop is solo projects then The Necks.

However - there is one hiccup. I do not have their first album - 'E' (released in 1983). If you can help out with the mp3 files, please email me.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The Benders - Picnic At Oakleigh Rotunda

This album (mini-LP? - only 8 tracks and 45rpm) is an absolute gem. Recorded in 1979 at Melbourne with a sound that is very bouncy. Very poppy. Not unlike The Sports. Highly recommended. This is their one and only release but a CDR ('Revault') collecting this album plus heaps of live material is apparently out there (1998 - both on Incognito Records). If you can help out with that - please please email me.

None of the members went on to do anything/much else that I know of. That's a real pity. Have I said that this is sensational?

One more thing - there are a few skips on Track 1. Only minor but I can't get rid of. Sorry.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Tymepiece - Sweet Release

Prog/Psych Aussie rock from 1971. This is where The Black Diamonds ended up. Both their singles from 1969 ('Become Like You' and 'Bird In The Tree') are contained in this download.

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Melissa - Midnight Trampoline

Prog/Folk Rock from 1971. Naff name for three blokes I reckon. But - it's well worth your time. Don't even bother chasing this down on LP - mission impossible.

The single ('Mississippi Mama') that preceded this LP is also included in the download. That's their full output.

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It Flew Away - The Lounge Room Tapes

Double album, self released. Best described as Prog Rock.

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