Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Vertical Hold - My Imagination 7''

Fresh, exuberant pop from 1981.  First time hearing this spelt FUN.  The 80's were here.

Many thanks to Andrew for helping out with these Vertical Hold files.  There's nothing better than a blogsite where people are happy to contribute.  It's obviously not an imposition and I certainly appreciate all contributions.

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Vertical Hold - Tears Of Emotion 7''

Second single from 1982.  An album must be in the offing soon.

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Vertical Hold - Self Titled

It's 1983 and we get a full length LP of dance-pop-funk tracks.  In many ways, this was the sound of the 80's.

I remember thinking at the time "what's with jeans that are turned up at the leg??"  Have never been able to answer that question.

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Vertical Hold - Shot Down (In Love) 7''

Both tracks from their 1983 LP. 

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Vertical Hold - This Must Be Love 7''

1984 and it's all over for Vertical Hold.  This was their last single.  It's not love, more like despair. 

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Vertical Hold - USA 7''

Despite the song title, this band is actually from Australia.  I'm in the process of converting my singles that are not available on the web, or have never been re-issued on CD or just random - into mp3 files to share on this blogsite.  This came out in 1984 but they released an album the year before.  I don't have this and would be dead keen to get it.  Mp3 files are preferred, and I will then share on this site.

They also had a bunch more singles but I don't have these either.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Doctor Stone - Purple Slice EP

Their only release from 1996.  Goddamn this has a great sound.  Why didn't these guys kick on?

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